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Beneath civilization’s fragile crust, cold chaos churns...and there are places where the ice is treacherously thin (A. Moore).These pictures have been taken in June 2013 during a trip to Israel and Palestine: I wanted to touch with my hands the concrete situation of this troubled land, where at first sight the atmosphere seems calm, neat and under control, but calmness is actually only apparent.The forced cohabitation between different races and religions in this small piece of land, can turn into chaos in the blink of an eye. You can breathe suspension and uncertainty: being there you can feel the tension smoldering beneath the apparent calmness.Quiet chaos is an oxymoron, which I have tried to represent through the pictures of semi-desert places or empty spaces in which human figure is orderly placed without showing the gaze, in a sort of denial of the surrounding world.In the middle of a hurricane, there’s a point called storm centre in which quietness prevails. All around is hell, at the center is the complete absence of turbulence. This is exactly a “quiet chaos”.

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