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Cuban deadlock

Strolling around on Cuba, I felt a sensation of complete standstill, deadlock. I believe the more appropriate term to describe the situation is stalemate, in the meaning utilised in chess game, as complete absence of moves available to continue the game.

The country appears to be stuck at a crossroad. On one hand you can perceive the strong attachment to revolutionary ideals and and figures (Che Guevara and Fidel Castro), although youngsters have of course not experienced in person. On the other hand people are eager to emancipate, but have no means to act, after the American embargo and the dissolution of the former Sovietic Union.

It looks as though the country is frozen in the Forties, like in a time machine going only backwards. I have been struck by the quantity of people in the streets or in the parks, apparently without an occupation, or queuing up at the bakeries or at telecom shops. The pace is very slow and everywhere you can breah a quiet atmosphere. You can perceive the will of change and, most probably, in recent times, things have started moving in this direction, but there’s still long way to go.

Come on Cuba, I root for you!

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